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Bluefish, Albies and a Brawl

We got a new product in today, Slow Jig Slayer jigs from Wefish.  These wide bodied jigs can be used for just about anything, but are going to be great for black sea bass in particular.  Sold un-rigged so you can rig them as you see fit, they come in 3 sizes and a number of fish catching colors.  Currently available in-store only.


The fishing has remained good, even as the mullet run has started to wind down.  The bluefish have turned their attention to large schools of rain fish that are cruising the surf.  Poppers are still the way to go to get your bluefish fix in.

If lures aren’t your game, a mullet on a mullet rig is still producing. 


One advantage of having rainfish around is they also attract the false albacore.  Sal Timpani landed this nice one out on IBSP the other day.  Resin jigs are still the way to go for these fish.

For those who were not in the shop recently, we must tell you that Ray has gone camping.  Again.  He even caught a fish this time.  He wants to know if he can enter it in the Barrier Island Beach Brawl?  What do you think?