Blues, Fluke, and Lee's Little Brother...

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Blues, Fluke, and Lee's Little Brother...

First, shop news…

We have a couple of “Coming Soon” products that we are excited for.  First is ODM is about to introduce a new line of D.N.A Inshore rods.  Like all other ODM rods, these will be high quality, well balanced with good guide layouts, and most importantly will be a pleasure to fish with.  The lineup will include both conventional and spinning rods, and will have rods perfect for fluke, back bay striped bass, weakfish, bluefish, false albacore, blackfish and many more.  If you want to know when they arrive, go to the D.N.A Inshore Rods product page, click “Email Me When Available” for the model you are interested in, and follow the instructions from there. 

The other “Coming Soon” is S&S jigs by Madd Mantis.  For those who have not heard, the original S&S Bucktails had to close up shop earlier this year.  A new partnership was started that allowed S&S jigs to rise from those ashes.  S&S Jigs will be bringing back many of the bucktails you know and love, and they are poised to start shipping very soon.  Keep your eyes peeled here or on our social media channels (Instagram or Facebook) for when they arrive. 

The fishing up until the writing of this report has been very good.  The 2 to 5 pound bluefish have been harassing mullet schools in the surf.  Poppers and spook-style lures have been taking those.  Fresh mullet fished on a mullet rig is also working, especially when there is no active surface activity. 

The fluke fishing also remains good in the surf.  Bucktails and Gulp! are still taking them  Only about another week to be targeting the flatfish.

Note: Map above is the Thursday 5:00 PM update.  To see the most recent map, click here

The weather for this weekend is, and this is an understatement, not looking promising.  We have a potential tropical system forming off Florida and riding up the coast.  The surf is likely to be unfishable, so it may be a good weekend for the following:

  • Come in and pick up a new rod and reel for the fall run
  • Replace treble hooks on old lures
  • Tie up leaders for the fall run
  • Come to Grumpys and get new line on your reels

If you really feel the need to fish, the good news is the back bay is showing peanut bunker schools in many areas.  The small bluefish and short stripers have been feasting on these.  To target them, find a spot in the bay with lights on the water and look for schools of peanuts.  If there is bait around, fish the shadow lines.

Some recent notable catches

Pencils, and poppers, and spooks. Oh, my! September is a magical month when the Mullet are around. Make sure you have a good mullet imitation for what you’re throwing to get some cocktail sized bluefish. Here’s Scott with a sample.

September at its finest! There are loads of mixed size blue fish in the wash just waiting for you. The fishing is so good, even the offshore guys are coming to get in on it. Capt. Bill said “How many bluefish do you want to catch?”

There’s still plenty of fluke in the suds. Here’s Shell E Caris with two nice IBSP keepers up to 22” and 3.35 lbs.

@highiron60 with bass on the beach. Could this system this weekend be an early kickstart to the fall run? Only one way to find out. Get out before the wind kicks up, or stock up on bucktails, bottles and darters for the pluggers or some clam if you want to bait and wait and fish the slop!

Someone has a birthday coming up.  It would be unfair to say how old he is going to be.  You will have to ask that of him yourself.  He doesn’t want anything for his birthday, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show him some token of recognition, if not appreciation.  I am sure he would be overjoyed if everyone brought him a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup between now and Monday September 25 (his actual birthday)

And since that wasn’t all that funny (even though he probably spit on his cake), we shall be leaving this next one here with no other commentary other than “Enjoy!”