Rainy Days and Mondays...

Mullet, New Stuff, product -

Rainy Days and Mondays...

Give us time to get some new stuff in the shop.  Of course, shop news first.

While we have had them in the shop for a while now, we now have MagicTail jigs on the website.  We have started with the MagicTail Hoochies.  These rubber skirted, round head jigs have taken their fair share of fluke and sea bass this past summer.  But don’t overlook them for bass, blues and weakfish this fall.  Oh, and the Glow color glows like crazy. 

We got in part of our order for the new Shimano Stradic FM Spinning reels.  We only have a few, and in limited sizes, so if you were waiting for one of these, act fast.  If you want to know when the out of stock models are coming in, hit the E-Mail Me When Available button and follow the steps.

As for a fishing report, no one is fishing in this.  We had two anglers in the shop this past weekend who said they were going out.  One was going to fish the bay.  The other bought two bags of mullet and was going to fish the surf.  We heard back from neither of them.  Hope they are OK….

For those who have known Ray for any length of time, you know he is a huge fan of the football team from Washington DC that used to go by the name Redskins.  He was such a loyal fan, it would take a monumental shift in the universe to make him change his NFL team allegiance.  Well, it seems that shift has happened.  How?  Well, there is one thing in the world that Ray is a bigger fan of than he beloved football team.  Taylor Swift.  Yes, Ray is a Swiftie.  Big time.  He hides it well.  So what does this have to do with football?  It seems it has recently become known that Taylor Swift is a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs football team.  So, now instead of his maroon and gold uniform in Sundays, Ray now dresses like this: