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Flatfish and Thunnini

We have two new “shop news” items, and they lead directly into what have been the two big news items for our fishing reports. 

First, we received a reload in the shop of pre-tied rigs from Backlash Sportfishing.  Among them are chunking rigs and high low rigs for the surf, but also in the box were Beach/Surf Bucktail & Gulp Teaser rigs.  These are the prefect rigs for catching fluke in the summer surf using a bucktail and Gulp!.  The teaser hook, when baited with a Gulp Grub or Swimming Mullet accounts for just as many fluke, if not more, than the bucktail does.

New, and hot off the press, are the new Madd Mantis Sand Eel jigs in 6 oz.  While the other sizes have been around, the 6 oz size is new, and just what they boats jigging for tuna are looking for.  We have them in the shop, and a few in the online store.  We don’t foresee these lasting long with how good the tuna bite has been lately.

Now for the fishing report. 

The fluke fishing in the surf is still fantastic.  This is the best surf fishing for fluke we have seen in years.  While we have heard some reports from boats both in the bay and the ocean getting fluke, it seems the majority of fish are coming from the surf.  What are they getting them on?  Bucktails and Gulp! of course

Here's your proof:

Jerry brought in two fluke from Island Beach State Park.  The larger was 22 inches an 3.9 pounds while the smaller s was a not too shabby 20.5 inches and 2.9 pounds


Brett (who you may remember from our previous report) is back again with another nice surf caught fluke.  It came in at 22 inches and 4.35 pounds, caught on an S&S Bucktail and Gulp!


Tony Senatore and Shell E Caris with a nice catch of fluke up to 22.5 inches and 3.7 pounds. 


Carmen Pio Costa Jr. brought in a nice 2.9 pound fluke taken from the Island Beach State Park on Gulp!


Joe Urso came in recently with a couple of fluke from the IBSP surf, with the larger one weighing 3.15 pounds.

The other red hot fishing going on right now is tuna.  The tuna fishing on the midshore grounds out to the canyons has been nothing short of fantastic.  Boats trolling Chatter Lures Side trackers (available in-store only) have been doing well on both yellowfin and bluefin, while other boats jigging Nomad Streaker Jigs or Madd Mantis Sand Eel jigs have been having a blast on spinning gear.

A couple of the guys from the shop plus some close friends of the shop went fishing during the week on the Jenny Lee out of Manasquan Inlet.  They boated 10 yellowfin and a couple of small mahi during the trip.  Here are some pictures (all photo credits go to Tom Lynch/Angry Fish Gallery)


The largest fish of the trip was caught by Rick Saloom. 


Grumpys Online Sales Manager John about to field dress a nice yellowfin tuna.


John showing off a small mahi he picked up an an 80 gram Nomad Streaker jig

 Blackcloud Bob was on the trip too, but a combination of bad posture and rough seas gave his back a good tweak, so he was happy to observe for most of the trip.  He looked a bit like this when he got back...