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The fishing world is apparently flat...

We got some more restocks from Shimano today.  First, we received more TwinPower FD reels.  These are a great inshore/back bay reel and would be perfect on a ODM DNA 7’6” Back Bay or a Black Hole Challenger Bank 791UL for all the (spoiler alert) fluke in the surf right now.

We also received more Shimano Bluewave Surf Bags.  These are the new redesign from last year, which made a good surf bag even better.  Check them out.

As far as the fishing goes, I will let the following pictures from the past few days tell the story. I am sure you will all figure it out…


Brian Volian brought home this 20.5”, 2.75 pound fluke caught in the IBSP surf using an S&S Bucktail and Gulp!


George Miller sent us this picture of a fluke he caught “up the street”  (though he neglected to say up the street from where…).  It was his first keeper of the year, so he decided to release it. 


John Kravchak brought in a nice 20.5 inch, 3.05 pound fluke he caught in the surf on bucktails and Gulp!.


Jerry Fabiano and his friend Rich had a nice catch of fluke off the surf up to 23 inches and 4.25 pounds. 


Chris Marble brought in this nice 25 inch, 5.10 pound fish, which is the biggest fish from the surf we have heard of, so far.  He got it on an S&S Bucktail and Gulp! out on Island Beach State Park. Think you can beat this one?


Brett brought in this 21 inch, 3.4 pound fluke, another that fell for an S&S Bucktail and Gulp!.


Dylan Scholes plied the IBSP surf with S&S Bucktails and Gulp!, and came back with this nice 22.5 inch, 3.6 pound fluke. 


Matt also went out on IBSP with S&S Bucktails and Gulp! and came back with this 18.5 inch, 1.8 pound fluke.

So, as you can all plainly see, there are fluke in the surf, and they love S&S Bucktails and Berkley Gulp!

We have also herd about really good crabbing at the local docks.  We have plenty of frozen bunker and all the crabbing supplies you would need in the shop, including the Promar Castable Crab Traps.

The tuna bite on the mid shore lumps and wrecks all the way put to the canyons has been good.  Nomad Streaker jigs and Madd Mantis poppers have both been taking their fair share of both bluefin and yellowfin.  Bob has built two new custom spinning rods for tuna, one for jigging and one for throwing poppers.  Come in and check them out.  They are really sweet and Bob is very excited about them.  We bet once you see them, you will want one of your own.

Don't try to take these through.  He gets awfully dark and angry when you do.