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Flies, Salps, and still lots of fluke...

Looking at the marine forecast for the weekend, we have winds predicted from the WNW Friday morning and afternoon, the NW Saturday morning, SE Saturday afternoon, SW Sunday morning and S on Sunday afternoon.  That’s a lot of Ws in the forecast.  Unfortunately, this time of year, a W in the wind forecast means the flies are going to be bad on the beach.  Don’t let them ruin your day.  Get some Captain Rons Insect Repellent and enjoy your day. 

 The fluke fishing in the surf remains fantastic. But there is a new player on the field.  A lot of anglers have reported that there are salps in the water.  Actually, most called them jellyfish, but salps differ from jellies in that they have dorsal nervous cords.  Now that you know that, and could likely care less, how does this affect you?  Where the salps are thick you will spend some time clearing them from your line.  The anglers who have done this have scored fluke.  On what?  Bucktails and Gulp! of course…

Since the last report we have had a few weigh ins, as follows:


Brian Larkin brought in a nice 20 inch, 2.95 pound fluke he picked up on Gulp!.  Nice fish Brian!


Lou DeFonteney brought in a 22 inch, 3.6 pound fluke he picked up in the Island Beach Sate Park surf on Gulp!


Scott and Larry did a dual attack in the surf up the street from the shop and scored limits of nice fluke.  They look so happy (Scott and Larry, not the fluke…)

We have also been hearing good fishing reports for fluke from the nearshore reefs and in the bay for fluke from boats. 

Speaking of the bay and boats, the blowfish fishing is hot down the bay between the BB and BI buoys for the boats.  Anchor up, drop down a chum pot with clam chum, and in a few minutes the action heats up.  For bait you can use squid, clams, or FishBites.  Keep the pieces small as a larger piece of bait will let these little thieves steal it easier.  Fishbites is a good option here because it is harder for them to get off the hook than the natural bait.

We have been so busy in the shop Ray was getting overworked.  It’s tough to find someone as good as Ray, so we decided to clone him.


We may have made a terrible mistake…