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This weekend in the shop, we restocked on two hot sellers.

 First, we got in a load of Fluke Nukem jigs by S&S Bucktails.  These bucktails have been living up to their name.  They have two line ties (in the larger sizes) that allow them to be used effectively both off a boat and from the surf.  They have a Gulp keeper so gulp sliding down the hook shank (and making your jig look like a happy puppy sniffing in the grass) is an annoyance of the past.  And with a good solid Owner hook, more fluke are being stuck and, more importantly, more fluke are staying stuck.  A Grumpys exclusive, get yours today.


We also restocked on the incredibly popular Midway Lures Resin Jigs.   At 1 oz and the right size to imitate the small forage that the Spanish mackerel and bluefish are currently feeding on, these have been killer.  Available in 3 colors (pearl, pink shine and mahi). 


To say the fluke bite has been good would be a gross understatement.  The boat bite has been good, but the bite from the surf in Seaside Park and Island Beach State Park has been incredible.  We haven’t seen anything like it before.  And, for those of you who haven’t read the report in a couple weeks and are wondering what the heck people are using that is causing this wonderful fluke bite, it’s bucktails and Gulp!

Here are some of the weigh ins from the past weekend (and Monday). 


The legend Shell E brought in a couple fluke, the biggest going 22.5 inches and 4.25 pounds.


Don Brown, the nicest guy on the beach, stopped in with fluke up to 3.6 pounds from the IBSP surf. 


Brandon and his Dad stopped in to show us this 20.5 inch, 3.2 pound fluke taken from the surf.


Johnny Boi stopped back in with fluke up to 23 inches and 4.05 pounds. 


George and Lou brought in a couple fish, 20.5 inches, 3.3 pounds and 18.5 inches, 2.2 pounds.  Not sure who is photobombing them.  I hope they know him…


Dom and Emma Cataline with two nice fish from the IBSP surf.  3.25 pounds at 22 inches and 1.6 pounds at 18.5 inches.  Nice job!


Don Brown is on the fish!  He came back another day with another weigh in, this time 21 inches and 3.3 pounds.


Adam Caris brought in this 20 inch, 3 pound fluke.  Why did we take the picture facing the ice box?  With all the fluke being brought in, we felt the need to change up the pictures.  We are stuck in the shop while you all are catching fish, so we have to entertain ourselves somehow…


You guys remember Jackson, the kid who kept taking his Dad’s rod and catching amazing fish?  Well, his Dad broke down and bought Jackson his own surf set up (way to go Dad, will you adopt me?).  This worked out for Dad too, as he was finally able to catch a fish on his own rod.  Here he is with a couple fluke up to 20.5 inches and 2.6 pounds. 


Matt brought in a real good one, 25.5 inches and 5.8 pounds.  From the beach. 


Dylan Scholes with a nice 19.5 inch, 2.45 pound fish from IBSP surf.


Noah had a successful first trip in the surf looking for fluke.  He got this 22 inch, 3.8 pound fish in the IBSP surf.


Matt was back the next day with a nice 20 inch, 3.5 pound fluke.  He also brought in a 3.2 pound bluefish.  The bluefish have been popping up in blitzes all over the place.


Another IBSP fluke, hitting the scale at 2.8 pounds and 20 inches, landed by Bob.


Another surf caught fluke, 21 inches and 3.4 pounds. 


Don brought in a couple flatties, the biggest going 21 inches and 3.55 pounds.


On the boats, Ray and Sean from the shop joined Stan from S&S Bucktails on Steve’s boat to fish the JCSA Fluke tournament.  They took second and won the 3 Fish Calcutta.  Do they have some sort of secret that they did so well?  Sure, they used S&S Bucktails and Gulp!.


Scott is still on a mission to have the weirdest weigh in at Grumpys.  In this case, he claims he caught this 6 foot great white shark in the IBSP surf on a bucktail and Gulp!.  We have our suspicions though.


Undaunted by our doubts about his shark, the next day Scott weighed in what he claims was a mermaid.  We all thought she was supposed to have a fish tail, not legs, so we still have our suspicions.  He said she fell for a fluke nukem jig and a Gulp! grub.  We asked her to hold up 4 fingers if Scott was lying…

In other good news, Jenni was out yesterday and reported that there were no Salps where she was fishing.  Hopefully they are moving out.

The blowfish have been biting good off the boats in the bay.  Small pieces of clam, squid or Fishbites will take there tasty, funny little fish.  The occasional northern kingfish has been mixed in with the puffers.

The snappers have been biting good off the local docks.  A spearing hung under a bobber is all you need for a fun day with these fish.  This is a great way to take a kid fishing.

We have been hearing reports of triggerfish showing up in all of the trigger-fishy spots. We have yet to see one brought to the scale.  Who thinks they can beat Scott to it?

So, after a good weekend, Ray had a Monday.  That’s all that needs to be said…