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Of Fluke and Lucky Fishing Shirts

We added something new and, hopefully, fun to the website.  It is sort of a potluck t-shirt page called Your Favorite Lucky Fishing Shirt.  We say Fishing Shirt because all of these have some sort of imperfection, so they will not be your Sunday best.  Most have been faded from sitting on a hanger under our harsh fluorescent lights.  A few may have small manufacturing stains (that may or may not come out in the wash).  These are not shirts to wear to family gatherings such as weddings and birthday parties (unless you don’t like your family.  Hey, we won’t judge…).  They will make great fishing shirts since, if you get fish slime or Gulp! juice on them, it won’t feel as bad as if it was a new, perfect shirt.

We decided to offer them online at a 35% to 40% discount.  What makes it (hopefully) fun?  You won’t know exactly what you get until it arrives.  You will get to pick your size, and whether you want long sleeve or short sleeve.  We’ll pick the color and screen print, and send you a shirt.  Some things to note: 

  • No returns
  • Any family issues from wearing these inappropriately is on you
  • Requests for a certain color or screen print will be ignored
  • The amount of “luck” in the shirt may vary. 

As far as the fishing is going, would you be surprised if I said the fluke fishing in the surf remains red hot?  Would you be surprised if I said they were being caught on bucktails and Gulp!?


Today we had @saysylen with a nice 4.2 pound, 23 inch fish taken from the Island Beach State Park Surf.


We also had Johny Bui bring in a full limit of fluke to 4.55 pounds from the surf in Seaside Park.

With all the fluke coming in, Ray’s head is spinning.