Happy Lunar New Year!

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Happy Lunar New Year!

Today is the first day of the Year of the Tiger.  What are we doing for the new year?  We are planning to have a re-do of our Winter Sale/Scabelly In-Store Extravaganza.  Since the snow basically required us to postpone from our original planned date, we are going with the snow date, which will hopefully have no snow.  As of the writing of this report, the long range weather forecast looks good. 

Artwork above borrowed from Black Haired Demon, used without permission (if she gets mad, she’ll me know when I get home.)  Check out her stuff on Instagram

For those who didn’t hear about what we had planned this past weekend, here is a recap.  On Saturday, we will have John Hudler from Scabelly plugs in store with a load of plugs.  Gliders, poppers, and a whole bunch of others.  We won’t really know for sure until he shows up.  Doors open at 7:00 am on Saturday and we expect a line to have formed by that time.   Plan to be at the shop early if you want a Scabelly.  Also, come with questions for John.  You can ask him how he came up with the name Scabelly.  Or “Why do people always come back from baby changing stations with the same baby?”  I am sure he has the answer to that.

As for the fishing report, we just had a blizzard, are you kidding? 

Ok, Ok, we’ll fess up.  We have heard of some anglers braving the snow and fishing for, and catching, white perch in Barnegat Bay, or, more specifically, the rivers and creeks that feed the bay.  We don’t have bloodworms, as we don’t plan to carry them until winter flounder season opens on March 1st.  But we do have salted clams and Fishbites Bloodworm replacement bait if you want to give it a go for them. 

Ray didn’t fish this weekend.  He not so happily used his snowblower.  Or so he says.  He looks pretty happy here…