Scabelly ...  Rebooted.

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Scabelly ... Rebooted.

First, if you have a rod or reel here for repair and have received a phone call from us saying it is done, please come get it.  We are running out of room to keep the stuff.  Especially the reels.  Poor Frank is up to, well, let’s just say his armpits in finished reels.  Not sure if we called?  Check the call log on your cell phone.  If you see 732-830-1900 in there, we called.

Second, Winter sale weekend – take two.  Some of this may seem familiar to regular readers of the fishing report. If you are coming in for the sale, and especially for the Scabellys, please keep reading. 

Our biggest shop news is our Winter Sales Event this upcoming weekend.  It starts this Saturday, February 5th, and runs through Sunday, February 6th.  Saturday is a special day, as John from Scabelly will be here with a load of plugs!  We know he is bringing gliders, some needles, maybe a few poppers, and possibly a few surprises. 

This is also your chance to ask John any questions you want.  They obviously can be about his lures.  Like how to properly work one of his gliders.  I am sure he will answer that one multiple times during the morning.  But they don’t HAVE to be about his lures.  Be memorable, be different, be unique and ask him something he’s not expecting to answer.  Not sure what to ask?  Here are some suggestions:

  • If there's a new moon every month, where does the old one go?
  • How can fish hold their breath for so long underwater?
  • I took a blood test and got B+. Can I get some study tips so I can get a better grade next time?
  • Why do meteors always land in craters?
  • Why does glass always taste like blood?
  • And last, but not least, one made infamous by Monty Python – What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Our doors will open at 7:00 am sharp Saturday and we expect his lures will sell out VERY fast. So don’t come strolling into the shop at 5:00 pm expecting to score a Scabelly.  All Scabelly sales will be directed to our 2nd door to the left of our main door (see picture below). That’s where the line will start. Please be respectful to other anglers while you are waiting in line.


We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend.  The weather forecast looks good for Saturday and Sunday (though Friday looks a little sketchy).  We are 99.9% sure we will not need to enact a “Plan C” (which is good, because we don’t have a Plan C). 

Scabellys visit isn’t the only thing going on this weekend.  We are also having a sale with certain items marked up to 20% off (see the flier above), including our Grumpys Sandstorm rods.  This sale will run both Saturday and Sunday in the store, and also in our online store (in case you didn’t feel like showing up). Just enter the code WINTER22 at checkout.  If you are looking to stock up on bucktails for fluke, the S&S Rattletail and Rattletail 2.0 jigs are 50% off this weekend, online only, while supplies last.  For those, you don't need to enter a code.

And there will be no shenanigans while waiting on the Scabelly line.  We will be watching you.