Happy Snow Day!

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Happy Snow Day!

First, shop news…

Don’t forget about our big winter sale & “Scabelly in the House” event on January 27th.  We will be releasing more details on this later this upcoming week.  Stay tuned.

We got in a big shipment from one of our bigger suppliers on Thursday.  We have restocked on many items, including most of the stuff from Tsunami, Vudu, Bomber, Cotton Cordell, FJ Neil, Tactical Anglers, and more. 

We also got in some new stuff.

First up, we have some new slow pitch rods from Tsunami.  The Trophy Series Slow Pitch Jigging Casting rods are a nice way to get into slow pitch jigging without breaking the bank.  Pair it up with a nice, lightweight conventional reel and you will have a setup that won’t break your back (or shoulders) either.  While we were at it, we added a new model to the Tsunami Trophy Series Slow Pitch Jigging Spinning rods we have available.


While on the subject of rods, we now have wire line rods available in the online store.  Before you all groan about wire line trolling, remember, some of the biggest fish are caught on wire line.  And there is really no way to get a bunker spoon to swim properly without wire.  We have two models available in the Tsunami Trophy Series wire line rods.  The 6’6 rod will be perfect for mojos or umbrella rigs (both shad and tube), while the 7’6” version has the action to drag spoons or swimming plugs.


For those trying your own rigs this winter, we added two items of terminal tackle.  Tsunami SS Round Bend Snaps for those making their own leaders, and Tsunami Beaded Rolling T Swivels for those tying their own bottom fishing rigs.

Not everything new was from Tsunami. For the surf angler who put a lot of steps on their Fitbit, we added the Tactical Angler Assault Pouch.  This great little pouch attaches to your surf belt and will hold jigs, rigged rubber baits or terminal tackle.  Whatever you can think of.   Its great for when you want to travel light and know what you need to bring, or as a complementary pouch to your normal surf bag. 

If you have a reel in for repair with us, and received a call recently that it is done, please come pick it up.  Frankie is really moving through the reel backlog he has and is running out of room for finished reels.  If you want or need to have it shipped, contact us here.

For those who haven’t seen it through The Fisherman Magazine, Jenni does a weekly V-Log.   This past week she did it with Raymond about jigging for Blackfish.  There is some very good info in this video. Check it out here:  https://youtu.be/CXWSLFcT8DY?si=pr4J5mU6hF1DHraa

How is the fishing?  The recent winter storms has pretty much kept all anglers off the beach, including Scott who will fish in almost any weather. A couple really hardcore anglers got out and picked a few small bass, so there are fish still around.  Maybe if the weather gets a little milder.

We do have a picture of Ray we want to share.  Not that we ever retouch any pictures of Ray here in the Grumpys fishing report, but we would like to highlight that this picture has not been photoshopped in any way.  So we have a question, which one of these is Ray?