Upcoming Winter Sale

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Upcoming Winter Sale

First, shop news….

We are having our annual Winter sale this upcoming weekend, January 27th and 28th.  We will be having the sale both in-store and online, and you can see what is included in the sale in the graphic above.  We are also having some unadvertised in-store only sales.  For the online sales, the discounts will be applied automatically in your cart.  No need to enter a discount code for this one.

We also have two big events going on this weekend.  Scabelly will be in the shop with a big batch of plugs.  They never last long, so get there early if you want a shot at one.  Previous years the line started in the wee hours of the morning.  Actually, so early you can likely consider it the night before.  We will be posting some “line rules” later this week.

We are also running our seminar series Saturday.  We will have Shel E Caris speaking about surf & jetty fishing.  Shel E has forgotten more about surf fishing than most guys know, so bring your questions.  Following Shel E is Dave Rooney, who will explain all you need to know about fishing for blackfish in New Jersey.  After Dave is Jenni Ackerman presenting everything she knows about catching doormat fluke.  Well, maybe not everything, she’s gotta keep a couple secrets….

We have fully restocked on Shimano Stradic Reels, including the ultra light 1000 size.  If you are looking for a Stradic, now is the time to pull that trigger.

How is the fishing?  It’s tough to say because there are two things that really keep anglers off the beach:  bad weather and playoff football.  And we had both this weekend.  So, it may finally be over, or the angler might have just been too distracted by other things, but either way, we don’t have much to tell you.

The bad weather got Ray to close the shop a couple hours early the other day.  He said he was froze his tookus off on the way home.  Yes, he said “tookus”…