Winter Sale Tomorrow

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Winter Sale Tomorrow

As usual, shop news…

Just a reminder our annual winter sale is this weekend, Saturday January 27th and Sunday January 28th.  We will have Scabelly at the shop Saturday morning with a batch of plugs.  Doors open at 7:00.  Line forms at our 2nd (northern door) and runs to the north towards Seaside Park Service Center.  Speaking of the line, we will not be actively managing the line.  If we have any disputes regarding the line as we have had previously, we will be following these guidelines.  A beach chair, tent, sign, or any other object does not hold your place in line.  The only thing that holds your place in line is your butt being in line.  Please be courteous to your other anglers.  Ray is going to post a video with more specifics Friday 26th on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

The sale will also be occurring in our online store.  It starts 12:01 am on Saturday and runs to 11:59 PM on Sunday.  Details for both sales above.

We got a cool new item in this week.  The Jigbox Jig Storage case.  How many times have you gone for a jig in a regular tackle storage box and found your jigs all hooked together like that old barrel of monkeys game?  Of how about when they have sat in the tray for a while and the bucktail is all bent like a bad case of bed head?  These elegantly solve those issues.  Check them out.

How’s the fishing?  We haven’t heard about anyone giving it a shot, so the striped bass may still be in the surf, or it might be over. 

The shop is ready for the sale.  The shop workers, well, we will see.  Ray claims he is ready for the Scabelly rush, but I think he is overestimating his readiness or underestimating the rush.