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Hollow Ace, ODM Evolutions, and Lightning

The weather the past two days have kept most fishermen off the beach, and off of boats.  Lightning is not conducive to holding a graphite fishing rod.


Check out this picture sent by James Budish of lightning over Barnegat Bay.  That is one heck of a lightning bolt.  If you look closely, there is someone out in a boat just this side of that bolt.  The captain of that boat probably needs new shorts…


We have added a couple of new products to the online store, and they went right into Grumpys Garage.  We have added PowerPro Hollow Ace and the splicing kit to go with it.  What is so special about Hollow Ace and a splicing kit?  This allows you to make your own wind-on leaders.  This is good timing as we are hearing the tuna are starting to arrive.  If you don’t know how to create a “fingertrap splice” to create a wind on leader, the splicing kit comes with an instructional video. 

In Brick and mortar shop news, just after we closed, Blackcloud Bob was putting the finishing touches on a few ODM Evolution custom spec rods for the rack.  They will be available when we open tomorrow.  We have 9 and 10 foot rods in the rack.  With our custom spec rods, you can get a rod that is built with all the same components as a pure custom rod, but without the long wait.  The 9 footer throws ½ to 4 oz, while the 10 footer throws ¾ to 5 oz.  Stop in, or Contact Us, for pricing.

We haven’t heard much as far as fishing reports go from the surf as the thunderstorms that rolled through today kept anglers off of the beach.  We are hoping as they clear up we will get back to the nice run of bigger bass in the surf.  We will have plenty of salted clams and fresh bunker when that happens.

For the next couple of days, the inmates will be running the asylum.  Well, running it more than they already do.  Ray and Sean are going camping.  In the words of Forest Gump “That’s all I have to say about that.”

Ok, I lied.  I do have something to say.  I predict this will be the scene at the campground after the first unidentified noise outside of the tent.