Smoke on the Waaaattttteeeerrrrrr....

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Smoke on the Waaaattttteeeerrrrrr....

First, shop news…

We added a new product to the site:  From JoeBaggs, the Skipper, another entry into the large spook market.  Through wired and in fishy colors, these should be in your bag.  While we were at it, we also added Swarters to the online store. 


It was a long time coming, but we finally completed the lineup for the Daiwa SP Minnows in the online store.  You can now get the 5 1/8 inch SP Minnow (13F) and the 6 inch Sinking model SP Minnow (15S) online and shipped to your door.


We had another small-ish order of Van Staal Reels show up the other day, specifically VSX2 Bail-Less models.  We now have most of the smaller sizes in stock. 

We also received a shipment of Shimano TranX reels, including the new 150 size reel.  This little powerhouse will be perfect for fluke fishing. 

So how is the fishing?  Even with Canada attempting to smoke us out (personally, I suspect they are angry that there is not a Canadian hockey team in the Stanley Cup Final, AGAIN, and this is their retaliation.  But I could be wrong…), there are still fish around.  Angler participation was down a bit with the bad air quality, and frankly, we don’t blame anyone for staying in this time.  The smoke in the air was like nothing any of us had ever seen. 

That being said, if you went, you would have had a good shot of striped bass or black drum in the surf on clams.  If you wanted to throw lures for bass, the SP Minnow, Hydro Minnow and Bomber plugs were all reportedly taking fish at night.  In the day there were a few blues who fell for a popper

In the back bay, there are still a few blues around.  We haven’t heard much from the crabbers yet, but that should start picking up soon after this full moon.

The fluke fishing in the surf is picking up.  We didn’t hear much from boats, but we suspect that is not because of a lack of fish, but because of a lack of anglers (from the Canadian fires)

Some notable catches:

Bobby Kildosher and Ed Skryznski with a pair of bass to 32” and 11.35 lbs. One each on bunker and clam.

How bad was the smoke in Seaside Park?  Well, here is Ray entering Grumpys from outside on Wednesday…