A Striped Bass, Fluke, and Bluefish weekend

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A Striped Bass, Fluke, and Bluefish weekend

We have a new product in that we are very proud of.  While I wanted to include it in the last fishing report, this product wasn’t quite ready for it’s closeup.  But now, Mr Director, it is.  We present the Grumpys Tackle long sleeve UV shirt.  For those who do not like using sunscreen, this will keep your torso and arms protected from the sun with an SPF rating of 50.  It’s lightweight and breathable, so you won’t overheat in the sun, and it looks awesome.  Come check it them out.

Fishing has been good in the surf.  Bass and bluefish have been the stars of the show the past few days.  As it has been all spring, clams are taking the majority of the striped bass.  For the bluefish, it you want to fish bait, mullet and cut bunker are the best choices.  Otherwise, surface plugs like poppers and spook-style lures will make an exciting day fishing for them. 

More and more fluke are showing up in the surf.  As usual, bucktails and Gulp! are the answer for them. 

Some notable catches:

Jenna is showing her pops how to do it on mullet! Great job!

Dennis caught a bunch of blues including this absolute hammer on a lil doc spook


Some nice Fluke starting to show on the surf. Here’s Bob with a 3.35LBer caught on Gulp!

@ricktorres5446 bought a rod and some clam, and found some bass.  You will see in the 2nd and 3rd picture how circle hooks work.

@food_n_fish_chris reminds us that there’s always a meaner critter around with this bass that someone else tried to turn into dinner first.   What do you think did this?  Personally, I think it was a seal.  Let us know at our Contact Us link.

@danhoffman3 found the bass.


@sestrunj got some blues and bass. Fishing is for everyone.

We discovered something new about Ray this weekend.  Ray is a Swifty (or is it Swiftie).   For those who don’t know what that is, it is a superfan of Taylor Swift.  Here is Ray getting ready for her concert…