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Surf Fishing Remains Good

We had a couple new additions to the online store.  First, we added a new color Kettle Creek Shad.  The made a new rainbow, which is a pale gray with a clear belly, and multi-color flake inside.  These look like a real winner.  As always, they work well on a light bullet style jig head.

 Megastrike Mega Shads

We restocked the Mega Shads by Megastrike, and in the process added a new color.  We call it Blue Shad, but some might call it June Bug.  All other colors have been restocked online where we have them available in “no frills” 5 packs, or you can buy them individually if you walk into the shop. 

We have also added a new product to the online store.  We now have Evil Stevel Lanyards in stock, in 24 inch and 32 inch lengths.  Also available in the shop in Seaside, in case you were coming in to buy an individual mega shad….

As far as the fishing goes, we are still hearing of good bass fishing in the surf.  No crazy blitzes yet, but a good steady “graze” on salted clams and fresh bunker.  Gliders, SP Minnows, and wooden swimmers (like the Salty C’s, Lights Out and Gibbs metal lips) have been taking fish. 

We are hearing about more and bigger fish just to our south, so it could break from good to fantastic surf fishing any day now, possibly even today.  Why are you sitting there reading this?  You should be fishing. Or at the very least, planting the seeds for your next sick day (cough... cough...)

We have plenty of salted clams in stock and are looking to have fresh shucked clams for the upcoming weekend. 

We have still been hearing reports of bluefish around.  Some of them seem to be smaller, but we are still getting reports of bigger gator blues around.  Our own Blackcloud Bob finally took a night off and went fishing.  He landed a bluefish of “at least 10 pounds” on his new Black Hole Challenger Bank 791UL Spinning Rod. He said it handled the fish very well.  We have both the factory rods available and the rod blanks if you want Bob to build you a custom version.  


We also had this picture sent to us from Instagram user mikkelvito who landed a “few like this” on his boat using SP Minnows


The picture above was sent to us via e-mail from Tom Quintenz.  I will let him describe it in his own words.

I took my grandson Noah fishing today at IBSP.
We didn’t measure it but guess it was about 36 inches.  Noah is a big guy (6’3”).
He has been fishing with me for years and today he caught his first striper.  He caught it on bunker at Gillikins.
The fish was released safely.
I have already asked Noah if it is ok to use the picture for your fishing report and he said yes immediately.
Tom Quintenz
P.S.  We have been customers of Grumpy’s since he opened the shop.  I have two rods that were built by Mike Malek.  We miss Mike.


 We do too Tom.  We do too…