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Larger fish moving in.

But first, some shop news…

For those of you that have been looking for the Trailhead Tire Deflators, we got a small shipment delivered.  Come get them while we still have them.  We hope you like the red ones…

We also received a shipment of DNG Tackle Dividers.  These are a great little invention that will make your days, and especially your nights, fishing the surf more enjoyable.  Honestly, it one of those products you don’t know you need until you use it, and then once you do, you wonder how you lived without it.  We have them in the shop, and have added them to the online store

Now on to the fishing reports.

It was a Monday, so the amount of anglers out has been less than we had over the weekend, but we still heard of plenty of fish in the surf, and they are getting bigger  Mostly on bait, and of those, mostly on clams.  The anglers that have been successful are using smaller pieces of clam, as even the bigger fish just seem to be “grazing”.  We have plenty of clams in the shop.  We don’t have them online because we don’t want to ship them, and, quite frankly, you really don’t want us shipping them. 

Remember, you need to use inline circle hooks when using natural bait for striped bass.


Tomek Kobak stopped in today with a 37.5 inch striped bass that pulled the scale down to 18.8 pounds.  He got it on a Grumpy Clam and said he had lots of action and saw lots of life on the beach.  Nice fish Tomek.

For those who want to use lures, Kettle Creek Shads on a light jig head are still taking some fish in the surf.  Best times are during low light, or in the dark, for stripers. 

There are also bluefish in the surf.  They are willingly hitting surface plugs and SP Minnows when you find them.

We have been hearing from some of the angler fishing the backwater and targeting “unicorns” have been picking up lots of fluke (summer flounder).  Some really nice keeper size fish too.  Fluke season here in NJ is not open yet, so these fish have to be (heartbreakingly) released, but we know they are here.  The season opens in less than two weeks, and that time will fly by.  Don’t be caught flat-footed for fluke season.  We have all the fluke jigs, fluke teasers, fluke rigs, and Gulp! that you need.  Order now so you have it for the season.

In the shop today we did some remodeling.  We moved our new bait freezer to a new spot in the store, and moved around a couple of our fresh bait coolers.  Ray moved a lot of heavy stuff.  He’s gonna be hurtin’ tomorrow…


Don’t make all that work and pain of Ray’s for naught, come in and check it out.