Grumpys Tackle Will Be At Surf Day

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Grumpys Tackle Will Be At Surf Day

First, shop news…

We will be at Surfday this Saturday at Brookedale Community College.  We are bringing tons of stuff, Including ODM Evolution Spec-Built rods, the new RH Customs Airstrike Surf Rods, the full lineup of Grumpy Sandstorm rods, Lakewood Tackle Bags, tons of lures, a bunch of reels including Van Staal, and so much more.  This is an event you won’t want to miss.  We’ll see you there. 

The fishing in the surf is, as far as we can tell, non-existent.  Are there some striped bass roaming around in the surf?  Maybe.  They are likely small ones if there are.  But there is no one out there trying to catch them. 

The back bays are closed for striped bass and winter flounder right now.  13 days and counting until they open (March 1st).  The only species you can target back there now is white perch.  We have been getting a bunch of requests for bloodworms from perch fishermen in the past week.  Ray has heard you and he will have bloodworms in the shop for next weekend. 

Ray and most of the rest of the crew have been looking tired lately.  Ray will probably say it is because of all the stress preparing for Surf Day.  Scott will likely say it is because of all of the winter projects he is working on.  Frank will say it is because of the pile of reels he is trying to work his way out from under.  Bob will say it is because he has to deal with Connor regularly.  And Sean, well, he recovers quickly so he probably isn’t tired.  Don’t believe any of them.  None of that is why they are tired.  They were all at the Superbowl on Sunday.  Here is your photo proof.