Pliers, Selachimorpha, and a Happy Football Fan

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Pliers, Selachimorpha, and a Happy Football Fan

Some shop news before the report.  We received a shipment of the 7.5 inch Premio Titanium pliers from Danco.  These are high quality pliers with all the features of other premium pliers at approximately $150 less.  Now you are probably wondering, what do these do that the $10 hardware store pliers cannot do?  Simple.  Survive more than one season in the surf.

We also added a simple item that many will find useful.  A water and sand resistant cell phone case.  While it’s not “going diving” submersible, this phone case will protect your phone from most mishaps you have while out fishing on the beach.  It’s an inexpensive safety investment.  Alternatively, you could buy a bag of rice after the fact for around the same price…

As far as the fishing goes, the brown/dusky/blacktip/spinner sharks are still causing quite a buzz.  A few were hooked today, a few less were landed.  They are chasing around the bunker schools and schools of small bluefish in the surf right now.  They are also eating mullet when they find them.

The fluke bite is still incredibly ON.  I am not going to say what they are getting them on, since I have been saying it all summer.  Unless you just got back from a 4 month Antarctic expedition yesterday, you should know they are hitting bucktails and Gulp!.

We had one “at the buzzer” weigh in yesterday.  Tim Burden brought in this nice 3.05 pound fluke he took from the IBSP surf.

Ray left the shop so fast last night there was smoke hanging in the air.  He was on his way home to see his favorite football team play Thursday night football.  No, they are not the team playing last night that many of our customers seem to like.  Anyway, for those who didn’t see the game, his team won on the last play of the game.  He is incredibly happy.  For fans of the other team, feel free to come by the shop and take him down a peg, since they only won because they got a 2nd chance to kick a field goal…