Still Good Fishing On The Beach

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Still Good Fishing On The Beach

For those who haven’t heard the bad news, S&S Bucktails are closing their doors.  Their official announcement is our cover picture.  To say we are bummed here at Grumpys is an understatement.  Not only did we lose a great business partner, but Stan and the S&S crew are our friends, and we here at Grumpys are all big fans of their stuff.  Stan and crew were gracious enough to grant us one last order, which arrived yesterday.  The online store and brick & mortar are both well stocked with S&S Bucktails items, but they are going fast. 

As for what we are going to do for jigs going forward, we are working on it.  Finding a single vendor that provided what S&S provided at the level of service they provided will prove to be challenging.  Ray, however, is working a couple avenues and when we have something announce, we will announce it in all the usual places.

The NJ Governors Surf Fishing Tournament is this Sunday. Our hours of operation will be 4:30am-8pm Saturday and 3:30am-8pm Sunday. We’ll be loaded up with everything you need to make your day successful.  Good luck to all the participants.

We have a new, interesting lure from Yo-Zuri, called the Mag Dive.  Now, I know some of you are looking at the picture, and then the name, and giving me the “Watchoo talkin' 'bout Willis?” look. There is no diving lip on that plug. But, it’s not a typo.  Here is what Yo-Zuri has to say: “This lure is worked with a long sweep of the rod, which causes the bait to swim side to side in a 6-12 inch range below the surface before popping back up on top.  The action mirrors a dying baitfish on the surface and drives even finicky fish crazy.”  This action will mimic a panicked baitfish pinned to the surface and trying to find a way out of trouble, which is going to drive feeding tuna wild.  On a slower retrieve, bass and bluefish will also go nuts for this lure.  Give one a try.


We had a restock of waders this week, so if you were waiting for a size to be available, we should have them now.


And if you need new waders because your old pair is leaking, we may have a less expensive solution for you.  We have two new products in the online store if you want to repair your waders (or jacket, or tent, or whatever is leaking…).  Check out the Aquaseal FD Repair Kit, which has all you will need to patch your waders.  If that is more than you need, we also have just the Aquaseal FD Repair Adhesive available.

How’s the fishing?  Like in the past few reports, it remains good.  Striped bass are still in the surf, and are still hitting primarily clams, though bunker is starting to pick some of the bigger fish, and lures are getting more consistent in low-light conditions.  The big blues are also in the surf, hitting both swimming plugs and poppers

In the bay, the big blues are still around, but there seems to be a smaller variety of cocktail blues in the mix.  If you eat bluefish, these are the better eating size.  Poppers and SP Minnows are taking the bluefish.

Fluke fishing is improving.  The back bay and river North of us are producing some nice fish.  Even our own Frankie Z put together a limit of fish the other day, so fishing must be good. 😊 Bucktails and Gulp! is, as always, the best way to go.

Here are some notable catches:


Good to see @gmiller10000 fishing the beaches! Here’s a bass he had on a Game On X-Walk this evening. These spook style lures have been a hit. Very easy to work and they catch.

Live report from @seansmida! The Bluefish Popper game on the surf is on! @kscsmida

Fran Hettler with a 28” 9.20 lb bass caught on clam.

Steve Gulotta with a 33.50 13 lb bass caught on clam.

@jdial2.0, aka Beavis, with a nice land based fluke that was at 24” and 5 lb on the nose.

Ray has had a week.  Please be nice to him.