The Striped Bass Are Here

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The Striped Bass Are Here

But first, shop news.

We have had a lot of anglers asking if we carry the Shimano Spheros SW reels and we unfortunately would have to say we did not.  Well, Ray heard you and we can now proudly say that we do.  We got a limited sized shipment in.  Get one of these reels and you will find yourself using it for everything.  It will become your favorite reel, especially for the price.  Check them out.

For the rod builders, we have something special for you.  The American Tackle G2 Tsuka Carbon Handle System for casting rods.  What is that?  It’s a integrated system of handle components that allows you to quickly and easily build a professional, modern looking reel handle for your inshore casting (conventional) rods. 

The striped bass season in the New Jersey backwaters is OPEN!  And the striped bass are cooperating.  They are cooperating a little more if you are fishing bloodworms, but the anglers fishing lures are getting them too.  Most of the fish are small, but we have had reports of fish up to 34 inches, which is a good size for this time of year.  Where?  Mostly on the west side of the bay and the rivers and creeks that feed into it.  But, we have had a few fish on the east side of the bay, which usually doesn’t happen on most years until closer to the end of March.  Things seem to be happening early this year. 

Here are some notable recent catches:

Our cover shot is @dominick_longo with a very nice bass caught close to the shop using bloodworms.

@mikey_vaccarino with a bunch of fish that fell for artificial lures. 

@areyouthomas with a nice healthy striper that fell for a bloodworm

It seems some of you are surprised Ray only wears black.  He has considered wearing other colors.  But this is what happens in his brain when those thoughts occur…