The Weather Is Still Not Cooperating

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The Weather Is Still Not Cooperating

With the current weather pattern we have been in, we have had some chances to do some shop updates. 

First, some bad news/good news.  First the bad.  Steve from AOK Tackle has announced that due to supply chain and manufacturing issues outside of his control, he has put AOK Tackle on an indefinite hiatus.  Now the good news.  Steve decided to send his remaining stock to us.  We just got in what will be the last AOK delivery for the foreseeable future.  We have restocked the standard T-Hex lures both online and in the store.  We have also added the T-Hex PB40 and T-Hex Stubby to the online store.  The PB40 is a fantastic lure when the peanuts start moving through the surf.  And with all the rainfish in the area, the Stubby will be a fantastic lure now. 


We have had many requests and online searches for the next addition to the shop.  We have added Ben Parker Magnum Spoons from Nichols Lures.  We have the saltwater version in two sizes, 6.5 inch and 8 inch, and in two colors, chrome and white.  These are going to be killer during an adult bunker, or even a “large peanut” bite.  We have them both in-store and online. We didn’t get too many, so buy them up quick and make Ray order more.


Now here is something that you either know about and already love or didn’t even realize yet that you needed.  Boomerang Tool Company SNIPS are the most convenient way to have something to cut your line.  And they cut braid like butter.  Each has stainless blades on a lanyard you can attach to your jacket, wading belt, lure bag, or wherever else you find convenient.  They are always readily available so when you need to trim a tag end or cut out a tangle, you won’t be fumbling through pockets or bags looking for pliers or scissors.  One done, let the SNIPS go and they snap back into place.  If you get a pair, you will wonder how you ever fished without them.

As far as fishing goes, 4 days of strong NE winds, rough surf, and dirty water has kept all but the die-hard (or just plain crazy, we don’t judge...) anglers at home.  Actually, they haven’t stayed at home, as the shop has been busy with anglers stocking up on items to do tackle maintenance, like replacement hooks, split rings, swivels, reel grease, reel oil, etc.  This is good weather to do that.

There have been fish caught, however.  The most consistent fishery we have heard of has been the schoolie striped bass fishery in Barnegat Bay and the Manasquan river.  They have been hitting Kettle Creek Shads (which we also just restocked), Lunker City Fin-S fish, Zoom Super Fluke, Tsunami Holographic Swim Shads and Storm Swim Shads.  Rig the three former on a light bullet head jig for best results. 

Something else new this year, Jenni is starting to decorate the shop for Halloween.  This is a personal project for her.  Today Ray gave his opinion on Halloween.


It seems he finds little, cartoonish, plastic skeletons creepy. 

In response, Jenni may have slightly over-reacted…