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Welcome to Local Summer

We want to thank everyone who came into the shop, or virtually visited our online shop, for another amazing summer.  Yeah, we know, technically there are a couple of weeks left of summer officially, but Labor Day is the end of tourist summer.  For local summer, we are starting to see mullet in the surf, which can only mean good things for the fishing in the next couple of weeks. 

Also, fluke season is winding down, but it seems no one has told the fluke.  The catches on the nearshore reefs have been great, and the fluke fishing in the surf is still hot.  As it has been all summer, bucktails and Gulp! are the ticket. 

Here are some recent weigh ins:


Benny brought in a 6.65 pound fluke that netted him the pool on one of the local party boats.


George Strathern came in with this 6.9 pound fluke he caught from his boat. 


Jim Cherry brought in a monster.  A 9.05 pound fluke taken from a boat on Gulp!


And to show not all the fluke are offshore, John Kravchak brought in the 4.05 pound fluke he caught on Island Beach State Park.

 We are also seeing schools of bluefish outside the surf to a few miles off chasing large spearing.  There is a good chance the false albacore, bonito, and Spanish mackerel will find this bait soon too, as the water has cleaned up.  We did hear some reports of false albacore caught recently, but with no photo proof, we are just going to leave it as unconfirmed...

Ray left work early today.  He said he had to get a toy train for his sons.  He implied he was going to be back, but he never did show back up.  We learned later he was playing with the toy train himself…