Are We Sure This is Late December?

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Are We Sure This is Late December?

In case you didn’t see our social media posts, the Grumpy Santa event was a phenomenal success.  We raised a record $1900 for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  The outpouring of support warmed Grumpy’s heart, causing it to grow three sizes that day, and he added to the coffers to bring the total donation to $2500.  Good job everyone. 


The striped bass fishing remains good into late December.  Over the holiday weekend, we had reports of blitzes in the surf with stripers chasing sand eels, peanut bunker, and sea herring.  Ava jigs with teasers, swim shads, gliders, and even pencil poppers caught fish. 

The striped bass bite in the back bay also remains good.  Anglers who are catching are keeping their spots close to the vest, but an enterprising fisherman who does some exploring should be able to find the fish.  Gliders, Rapala X-raps, and small swim shads are working on these fish.


The day after Christmas Christian came into the shop, picked up a new Van Staal and ODM Genesis surf rod combo, and then immediately went out and got into the fish.


Alan Gonzalez got into them good on Monday.  Gliders were his plug of choice.  Even his daughter got into the fun.

We’ve said before that truth is sometimes funnier than what we can make up about Ray.  Over the weekend, that happened.  Ray got an invite to go out on a friend’s boat for blackfish.  (They caught, by the way.  White chin wrecker jigs of course…).  There were a couple other anglers Ray did not know.  Once on the boat, once of them looks at Ray and says “Aren’t you the guy that is always being made fun of in the Grumpys Fishing Reports?”  Ray had to admit to it.

Whoever you were, you made my day.  Thank you

Apparently, the recognition has gone to Ray’s head too.