Bass And Blues Are Still the Name Of The Game

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Bass And Blues Are Still the Name Of The Game

First, congratulations to our own Jenni Herself, who just graduated from Monmouth University.  She’s going to have more time to fish now.  Someone better warn them (the fish).

We also have a new entry in our Articles section of the website.  The author for this installment is our very own Scott Thomas, and he is spilling his knowledge of Back Bay Fluke Fishing for the Shore-Bound Angler.  You are going to want to read this one. Click here to read it. Just the cover picture alone is worth the click.


We added a few new items to the online store.  First is a new popper from Tsunami, the Tidal Pro IPOP Popper.  These are a perfect popper for the back bay or calmer days on the surf.  A nice rattle and a good pop makes these call fish in from a distance.  Bass and bluefish are going to love these.


We added two new hooks from BKK.  The Monster Circle Drifting Special and Surf Baitholder-R Hook.  The former is a perfect hook for those livelining bunker for large bass.  It will also be great for the anglers drifting baits for tuna offshore.  The latter are a perfect hook to use if you tie your own fluke teaser rigs.  They will be great for holding Gulp! swimming mullet or the smaller Gulp! Grubs as a teaser.


Another hook we added is the Owner K-Hook.  A Kahle style hook that is perfect for fishing natural bait for summer flounder. 

The fishing locally remains good.  The striped bass bite on clams in the surf is still the best option around.  We’ve been hearing a few larger bass have been taken on bunker.  Bluefish in the surf are also hitting bunker and swimming plugs (SP Minnows and Hydro Minnows).  If you want to catch a bass on an artificial lure, you can, but you need to go in the dark.

In the bay, bluefish are still hitting poppers for the anglers on boats.  Those fishing the local piers are getting some nice bluefish on bunker.

The fluke are biting in the back bay.  Bucktails and Gulp! are taking those.  We have also seen some fluke taken off the beach, and heard some rumors of some ocean-caught fish off of boats. 

Some recent catches:


More and more fluke are starting to show on the surf! Here’s @trevor_smith6994 with a nice one!

The mustache master himself with a 31” 8.65 bass caught on clams! Frankie said they must be thick if Kenny Hollins caught one.

Bob Ferguson with a 32” 8.4” blue caught on bunker in the bay!

Alan Kunze just reported this 42” Bass Wednesday morning on clams

@brybullock says to throw the snot!!! They had two blues, two shorts, and this 38” bass

Here’s one @jameskrewson sent us. Reports of some bigger fish moving in as well.

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