Free Reel Bags, Rig Sale, and Fluke

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Free Reel Bags, Rig Sale, and Fluke

We are running a special in our online store.  Buy $20 or more worth of anything in our online store, and get a free Van Staal reel bag.  These felt lined bags are perfect for storing your Van Staal reels when not in use.  And if you want to put a Penn, Shimano, Daiwa or Tsunami reel in it, we won’t tell anyone.  This promotion will last while supplies of the reel bags last.  One reel bag per order. 


Also, we are still running our 50% off sale on all Fin Strike rigs.  Online only.

As far as the fishing goes, southerly winds made it tougher to find fish the past couple of days, but not impossible.  The most common report we have received was for fluke in the surf.  There are keepers to be found, but you’ll be finding some shorts before you get your limit.  Also remember, the fluke regulations in New Jersey are two fish between 17 inches and 17.9999 inches, and one fish over 18 inches.  There are special regulations for Island Beach State Park, where you can keep two fish over 16 inches.  If you are fishing in Island Beach State Park, you do not get to choose between the two, you must follow the 2 fish at 16 inches or bigger. 

Oh, and bucktails and Gulp! are still taking most of the fish. 

Small bluefish are still being taken in the surf.  Mullet for those who like to fish bait, and metals for those who like to throw lures. 

The occasional striped bass are still being taken in the surf, with clams or sand fleas being the best choice to target them.

Reports from the local docks are that crabbing remains good, with nice keepers mixed in with lots of smaller crabs.  Maybe try a castable crab trap to get out past the little ones for the keepers?

Here are some notable catches from this week:


Our own Scott, going incognito in a green shirt, had no problem boxing up an IBSP limit with fluke up to 19” and 2.5 lbs in the park. S&S Bucktails Fluke Nukems in 3/8 oz with a 5” pink shine Gulp! swimming mullet topped with a 5” sand eel Gulp! teaser. He reported good action throughout the park.


Kaylee with a Birthday Fluke. She named her catch Jon and he weighted in at 1.25 pounds and 19 inches long. Happy Birthday Kaylee!!


There’s still some bass around. @jrdepp76 had this summertime slob on clams Wednesday!

Going to easy on Ray, because we had a small crisis at the shop.  Ray sent Blackcloud Bob to ICast down in Orlando, FL with the instruction to send back some videos of new products.  Well, we didn’t hear a peep from him.  Seeing as he is our resident technophobe, most of us weren’t too worried about it.  It’s like sending a vegan to Peter Luger Steakhouse to report back on how good the steaks are.  Ray was still worried, so he asked Bob to send back something.  Anything.  Here is what he got (seems Bob is perfectly fine, his clothes, not so much…)