Snot Throwing

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Snot Throwing

But first, some shop news…

Recent days have felt like metal-lip days, which is a little ironic seeing how the fishing currently is.  We got in two shipments from custom builders.  The first comes from Striper Bites, who reloaded us on both large and small Danny Plugs, and also reloaded the Cigar Minnows.  We received something new from Striper Bites – Gliders!  We only have three colors of these at the moment, but they are all fish catchers, White, Yellow/White and Bone.  Speaking of Bone, the Cigar Minnows and Small Dannys also now come in Bone.


The other builder to drop off plugs is Lights Out LuresDannys, Danny Slims, and P-nut swimmers in this haul.  And, like Striper Bites, Lights Out Lures now has a new Bone color in the Dannys and P-Nuts.  You also now have the option to choose between plugs with and without eyes in the P-Nut lines.  So many choices….

The fishing off the beach has become hot for those “throwing the snot” (ie fishing clams).  What you see below is just a subset of the pictures of striped bass that we received this weekend.  Almost all caught on clams.  We didn’t hear much of a difference between fresh shucked and salted clams, although most of the anglers who came through the shop preferred fresh shucked. 

There are still stiped bass biting in the back bay, but that fishery has certainly been outshined by the clam fishery off the beach right now. 

Some, well, OK, a load of notable catches from this weekend:


Jeff and his son came in Friday morning for some clam, and got 5 bass.


@johnjohn_ with a slob on clam.


Tim picked up clams and he and @nickhonachefsky got on them.

Momma Smida on the fish! @seansmida is proud! She landed 5 fish including this beautiful 32 inch 12.30lbs Bass. All from the surf.

Gary Fecak is on the bass.


The bite continued into the dark.  @brian_amantia got into them.

George Ford with a nice 29 inch, 8.60lb Striper from the surf on Clams.

Chris with a 35 inch 13.90LB Bass that took a Fresh Shucked Clam in the IBSP Surf. He reported other action as well. The dropping tide seemed to be turning on the bite. 


@do_itall_dave and his son @gottagamedave had awesome action locally in the surf on Clams. All fish were released! Smile says it all! Congrats guys.


The Smida family having fun throwing the snot (see the action shot we used as a cover shot)…


Makayals first bass! @surf_rat024 must be proud! Congrats Makayal!!


Poppa Smida with a 9.45lb Bass taken on Fresh Shucked Clams (this report is filthy with Smidas)


Kristian came by Sunday afternoon for some fresh shucked clams and came back with dinner. 29.5 inches, 10 pounds.

Another dinner fish. This time Jon came in for clams and came back with a 34 inch, 13.55 pound fish.


We had a little rush of fish at the end of our day on Sunday. First Kathy came in with a nice 37 inch, 19.4 pound dinner guest taken on clams.

Next up was a pair of fish that went home for dinner with Jessica and Vincent and family. They were 29.5 inches / 8.9 pounds and 29 inches / 8.6 pounds. (Jessica got the bigger one). Both took clams.

Bob Brunges with a 29” 8.4” bass caught on clam.


Not all fish are snot fish.  Local imitation homeless dude @jdial2.0 had to be different and got a large (but not 50 pound either) bass on a S&S Bucktails Pro Rockhopper from the local surf!

With all the fish being caught on clams, we are breaking out an oldie for our "Raymond Feature".  We present the day he dressed in his clam costume and danced around in front of the shop.  We want him to wear a bigfoot mask along with this clam costume so we can call him Clam-Squatch next time.