The Surf Is Heating Up

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The Surf Is Heating Up

But first, shop news..


We are having our “Not Sandeel Season” sale on Sportfish Products Ava jigs.  Any color tail, any size jig, are 20% through this Sunday (4/16/2023).  There is no code to enter, add them to your cart and the discount will be applied when you go to check out.  Stock up now!


We added Keitech FAT swing Impact Shads to both the brick and mortar and online stores.  We have them in 6 colors and 4 sizes, from 4.3 inches up to 7.8 inches.  Why fish an imitation when you can get the original?


For those looking ahead to fluke season, we added the “As Seen On YouTube” Gulp! Sand Eel.  These are great choices for a teaser above a jig. Rigged on a 3/0 baitholder hook, or on a MaiTai Fluke Bucktail Teaser Rig, they have been proven to be a fluke killer.


We reloaded on most of our RodTeck products.  RodTeck makes some cutting edge rod repair products that will allow you to fix your rod in minutes.  You won’t need to drop it off to us and wait a couple days to a week to get it back.  In most cases, you won’t even need to leave the bite.  We also added two new products to the line up.  The Hook Keeper Kit allows you to add hook keepers to up to 4 rods.  With most surf rods being made without hooks keepers, this has been a popular item in the shop.  We also added the Rod Builders Kit to the line up of guide repair kits.  The difference between the Rod Builders Kit from all the other guide repair kits is it contains more of the C-Tape, Epoxy, and other supplies you need, basically enough to build a rod or two.  It does not come with guides.  You will need to supply the guides. 


We received some very nice tackle storage bags from Gamakatsu, a backpack and a shoulder bag.  They both come with Gamikatsu branded storage boxes.  The backpack has rod holders on the sides so you can have your hands free for long walks to your fishing spot.  The shoulder bag is real nice, with a comfortable strap and some padding on the back of the bag.  There are spots for a water bottle and pliers.  It’s a perfect bag for long walks on the sand looking for fluke in the summer.  If you remove the storage boxes and replace with our two tube replacement tubes, it will double as a lightweight traditional plug bag.


This past week we got in our first shipments of the season for fresh bunker and fresh shucked clams.  These won’t be the last. 

Fishing in the surf has been picking up for striped bass.  Clams have been the best choice, with both fresh shucked and salted working.  For those who like to throw artificial lures, SP Minnows have been taking some fish.

There are still striped bass being caught in the back bay.  Bloodworms are still the preferred bait, and small rubber shads or small swimming plugs are the lures of choice.  No word yet on a surface plug bite, but with the warm weather we are having, it should happen any second now…

Here are some notable catches…


Seven year old Hendrix with a bass caught on the beach on fresh shucked clam! He outfished everyone in the family! Great job buddy!


Lauren had a good afternoon and evening on the beach fishing fresh shucked clams.  She caught & released both the bass in the cover photo and the one above. Looks like time of day does not matter for the bass bite. Great job!


@ghost_onthe_shore with a nice surf bass on a SP Minnow!


Adien Bethea got this bass on clam!


Brandon got his first of the year on clam.


Jenni went out for tog and broke the double digit threshold with this 10.5 pound tog.


And, contrary to what he claims, even our own Blackcloud Bob gets out to catch fish.  Here he is with one he got in the NYC Subway System. 

From the last report, you saw there was good representation from Grumpys at the Spring Lake Liveliners Trout Contest For Kids.  There was also some not so good representation.  With all the kids catching those nice trout, our resident Millenial in disbelief, Scott, caught nothing.  Not a thing.  Fish that 9 year olds were tiring their arms out on were beyond the scope for poor old Scott.  He ended up very upset and needed his safe space helmet…