T-Minus One Day

Fluke Season (summer flounder for those of you south of Barnegat Inlet) is almost here!  One more day!  We have all the bait you will need, squid (both whole squid and pre-cut strips), spearing, mackerel (for mackerel strips) plus GULP!.  You can’t go wrong with Gulp!  We also have all the fluke rigs, fluke jigs, and fluke teasers you will need.

We will also be ready for the Governor's Cup Fishing Tournament this weekend out on Island beach State Park.  We are staying open later on Saturday night, time dependent on how busy we are, and will be opening an hour earlier at 3:30 am on Sunday for those fishing the tournament   We will have fresh bunker, fresh shucked clams, salted clams and frozen mullet for the weekend. Good luck to those fishing the tournament.

We have a few pieces of news for Brick and Mortar and Online store. 

We have had a minor restock of Tsunami Carbon Sheild II rods in the popular seafoam green color.  Both in-store and online. We also have the dark blue ones for you less trendy folks.

We restoked a couple of the popular color SP Minnows online.  Both sizes. 

We added more Tsunami Pro Tidal Baits Mullet.  They are a fantastic mullet imitation that work even when mullet are not around.  When the mullet do show up, don’t be caught without these.

Sportfish products dropped off a load of sinkers and Ava Jigs.  We are restocked on some of the colors we were out of. 

As far as fishing is going, while a lot of anglers seem to be excited for Saturday, there are still other fish to catch.

The striped bass are still being caught in the surf.  Not lights out, but there is a steady pick of them.  Bait is working better than lures, and clams are outfishing fresh bunker, but bunker is responsible for the larger fish.  If you are stubborn (like me) and want to throw a lure, go with an SP Minnow, Yo-Zuri Hydro Minnow or Mag Darter, or a swim shad (Tsunami, Storm or Vudu). 

Big bluefish are being taken on the local docks.  They seem to be keying in on bait, and fresh bunker is the ticket for them.  They are taking the occasional lure, along with smaller bluefish.  Surface lures are the most fun for them, but SP minnows and Hydro Minnows work for them too.

Ray has abandoned his saltwater fishing roots, and possibly his sanity, and has been throwing pumpkin colored 5” senkos at green fish.  Yesterday, he says, while trying to get a better angle for a cast to fish under a branch, he slipped and fell into some shallow water, and got stuck in the mud.  Now, while we all got a good laugh at his expense in the shop, something seemed, pardon the pun, fishy.  There was one of those beauty magazines in the shop office, and there was an article with the pages dog eared.  What was the article?  About how much mud baths were good for your complexion. 


After this, Ray is looking absolutely radiant.