The Ever Changing 2021 Fall Run Report

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The Ever Changing 2021 Fall Run Report

Yesterday we had a strong south wind which affected the fishing report, but not in the way you would think…

But first, shop news!

We received a small restock of Gibbs Lures yesterday, which allowed us to put a small number of the Gibbs Polaris Popper online.  These are the original Polaris poppers by which all others are compared.  They are handcrafted in the USA out of wood and are through wired.  There is something special about fishing with a wooden popper.  Maybe its all the catching you will do with one.  They are also, obviously, available in the brick and mortar store too.

Ok, now the report…

We didn’t hear a lot because we think the southeast winds scared away some fishermen.  I am not going to say that not going today was a mistake.  I am just going to let the following pictures do the talking. All these fish were caught in a southeast wind.


Our reports of bluefish from yesterday were confirmed today with this picture sent to us by @SKYGUYW_FISHINGDAD.  And it is a monster bluefish too. 


Next up is a 35 inch bass sent in by Thomas Quintez.  He caught it out on IBSP on a bunker head.  This is one FAT fish.


Right after the sun went down we had two reports submitted to us almost simultaneously.  Brett Maccanico’s arrived first (be mere seconds) so his is posted here first.  He got it on a black bottle plug.


Rob was next shortly afterwards with a nice fish that took what looks like an SP Minnow.


Dominic Longo decided to forego the technology and bring his fish in to show us.  It weighed 10.45 pounds and was 32 inches long.  He caught it on an ava jig


After the shop closed, Robby Fuggi sent in this fish.  Apparently the bite continued into the night.  Forgive the look on Robby’s face.  He was already down one lure and into a number of cups of coffee when this fish was caught.


Andrew Carey sent in this picture of Jake Riegler with another after-hours fish. 

The be completely transparent, the fishing has been good, but not great, and certainly not red hot.  The fish are here though.  The anglers who have been both putting their time in and also looking around for the fish are the ones who have been scoring.  We have had a couple anglers contacting us asking “Where are the fish?”.  We respond “in the water” mostly because we are Grumpys and have a reputation to uphold, but also because that is also the most accurate answer we can give.  The “hot spot” moves every single day.  So even if we did tell you exactly where any of the anglers above caught their fish, it would most likely not be helpful the following day.  In short, just go fishing…

We were discussing dinner at Grumpys last night because, let’s face it, it  is obvious some (most) of us here at Grumpys like to eat.  We asked Ray what he was having for dinner when he got home, and he told us.  Now, I will admit that in the fishing reports when we discuss Ray we stretch the truth a little bit.  We may even make some stuff up.  This is neither of those instances.

Ray went home for a dinner of dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and chocolate milk.