This Weather Stinks

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This Weather Stinks

Well, the weather stinks.  It has stunk since Saturday and will stink until Wednesday.  Please don’t take this as complaining, as others have had it way worse from this weather system.  But it is still a fact, this weather stinks. 

So, we’ll delve into shop news before we get to a fishing report.

First, we have a new product line in the shop.  We now carry Jigging World items.  We started out with Nexus rods, both spinning and casting.  These are nice rods for the money and have some models that will make excellent fluke rods, or rods to throw small jigs to striped bass, or to fish jigs for blackfish. 


We also got in the Jigging World Z-Blade In-Line Circle Baitholder Hooks.  With inline circle hooks being the requirement to now fish for striped bass with natural bait, it now makes sense to have baitholder barbs on a circle hook to help hold the clam or chunk in place. 


We received some new stuff from Turtle Cove Tackle, all the way from the end of Long Island.    While we had the Universal Plier Carrier from them for a while, we now also have plier carriers for Danco 6.5” and 7”/7.5” pliers specifically.  And since each of their plier carriers (and boga grip carrier) come with a lanyard included, we added the Turtle Cove Surf Belt Tool Clip to the products we offer so there is a convenient spot on your belt to attach that lanyard.  Or whatever else you want to hang from your belt, as the tool clip is very versatile.  Oh, and the Boga Grip Carrier is now back in stock.


We restocked on Grumpys Tackle Printed Logo Short Sleeve T-Shirts.  Most sizes and colors are back in stock for those waiting for them. 

As far as the fishing report, this weather has kept the sane (and even the insane) anglers at home.  We had a few go out just as this was getting started and they found striped bass.  We also had a few duck out of the way in the backwaters when it first started and they found blackfish.  But we haven’t heard much since.

It’s a good time to do some tackle maintenance.  Change out some hooks, tie some leaders, etc.  All good things to do while watching TV.  Come in and get that reel re-spooled before the striped bass run is up to full steam.  Thinking about a new rod?  Maybe a Grumpys Sandstorm or a nice ODM D.N.A.?  Pick it up now and be ready to go when the fish get here.  Even with the less than stellar weather, we are open our full hours (4:30 am to 8:00 pm) for you. 

Here are some notable recent catches:

Steve didn’t let the heavy surf bother him; he found some back water blackfish. Here is one of many pictures he sent us. The fish took green crabs fished on S&S Whitechin Wreckers. 

Got the following report from Shel E Caris at the beginning of the blow:  “Water looked beautiful this morning. Figured I’d throw a Ron Muccie swimmer in his memory and hooked up on the 1st cast! Had a few more and missed some before it got too snotty.”

With all this rain, Ray is modelling some new headgear.