Is There a Doc In The House?

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Is There a Doc In The House?

First, shop news…

We just received a hefty shipment from Drifter Tackle / Musky Mania.  In this shipment were loads of Lil’Docs and, new to the shop (finally) full sized the Docs.  The full sized version is what put this Musky lure on the radar of striped bass fishermen.  We got in 5 colors, including the ever popular “Bone”.  Available both online and in the shop. 

As far as the fishing goes, the local bay fishing has been status quo.  No real change from the last report.  The fishermen that are doing the best are fishing worms.  We would love to try to convince you otherwise, but facts are facts.  The local bass are still nose down and worming.  If you need them, we have the rigs for you.

We have heard some interesting rumors.  We have heard of some black drum being caught on the beaches further south from us here in NJ.  Much further south.  Previous years, those fish arrived here in late April and stuck around into June.  Hopefully they will show again as they are a nice surprise for those fishing clams for striped bass, and put up a good fight.

For the last fishing report, I joked around saying Ray took the day off because he ate a bad dumpling.  At the time, I did not know why Ray too the day off, just that he was out and was fair game for some abuse.  (Lets be honest, when is Ray NOT fair game for some abuse?)  Turns out, my powers of prophecy were even greater than I could predict.  Ray had dumplings for dinner the night before AND his symptoms, without getting too graphic, were those you would receive if you ate a very bad dumpling.  I hear Ray is feeling better, and may even be in the shop soon.  Here is likely what his week was like…