Post Grumpy Santa Hangover

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Post Grumpy Santa Hangover

First, shop news…

The Grumpy Santa event was a huge success.  Grumpy Hisself didn’t scare too many children this year, and we even had a parent report this was the first Santa that her son was NOT afraid of.  Who knew?  As far as how much was raised for St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, we are still collecting in the shop for a few more days.  Initial counts are very positive though.

We are now a No Live Bait Needed dealer.  NLBN makes some of the best paddletail swimbaits available on the market today.  With the color and size matched jig heads, there is no guessing whether a jig head will work correctly with a soft plastic tail.  And the screw lock makes sure your tail stays put.  To see how to rig these, check out NLBN’s instructional video here:

Don’t forget to check out their straight tail baits and Lil Mullets too. 


We added a special batch of teasers to the online store Monday night.  We have had Shel E Caris Custom Teasers in the shop for a while now, but this time Shel E tied a batch for the online store.  Unfortunately for those of you reading this now, they didn’t last very long.  Don’t worry, however, we will get more. (Shel E., if you are reading this, the vice is calling you 😊…)


We added some new sweatshirts from Van Staal.  They are not gold, like the reels everyone has gone crazy for, but if you get one we predict it will quickly become your favorite hoodie.  The are made of water-resistant high polyester/cotton blend fabric. There is a large die-cut rubber Van Staal logo on the back, and two smaller die-cut rubber logos on the front .  Color is black on black. 

So how’s the fishing?  Likely better than the current participation is showing.  After 3 weeks of lights-out fishing along our beaches, we understand there is an “angler hangover” where folks don’t want to go out if the fishing isn’t going to be as good as it was.  We get it.  But, the anglers that have gone out have caught fish.  You need to work the beach structure a bit to find them, but the stripers are still there.  This is the time the really good striper anglers start to shine.  Bucktails and swim shads have been working well. 

We have also been hearing reports that certain spots in the backwaters are producing lots of striped bass from really small up to the mid 30 inch range.  And that is about all we can say about that. 

All of the photos from the Grumpy Santa event are up on our Facebook and/or our Instagram accounts. Here is one from the Saturday portion of the event.  As you can see, Sean and Ray were both asking for what they wanted from Grumpy Santa.  It looks like Sean got much better news than Ray did.  Chin up buddy!  I am sure you can find a use for that coal…