Little Drummer Boy

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Little Drummer Boy

We had some interesting reports today.  In short, the drum are here…

You may all remember Jackson from our June 1st fishing report.  Remember he saved his Dad’s rod from going into the drink and in the process landed a 32 inch bass?  Yeah, that’s him.  Well, his Dad sent in this picture of Jackson and himself with the 39 inch black drum Jackson landed on Island Beach State Park.  It hit a salted clam.  We’re not sure if Jackson caught this on his own rod, which he earned by saving his Dad’s rod last time, or if he was still using Dad’s stuff.  We think Jackson is definitely showing he has the skills to fish his own stuff.  Come on Dad …. 😊

We also got the following picture through Instagram from customer David Fenton.  He and his friend came into the shop, picked up some salted clams, and within an hour had a nice black drum to show for it.


We have heard of a few more drum caught, but have no photo proof of them.  However, we don’t doubt the stories.

We have plenty of salted clams for those who want to try for one of these strong fish.

What about the other fish?  We heard of some bass in the surf in the early morning on both salted clams and fresh bunker.  Just before sun up, during false dawn, is the magic time.

We also heard about bluefish in the inlets, and some both in the surf and in the back bay.  Nothing big, but they are taking poppers and (as usual) SP Minnows.

The fluke have been cooperating in the surf for those who are willing to toss a bucktail with Gulp!.  You do have to move around a little to find where the fluke are lying.

With the news of the drum, Ray decided to take a moment from his camping trip to show he can drum too.  He did not, however, take a moment to take off his “camping costume.”